Saturday, January 12, 2013

New What?

Is it really a new year? Or did someone just wash and rinse this the old one and hang it out to dry? Seriously. I didn't even bother with profound or pithy post for the shifting year. No one seemed to notice. I could point folks back to an old one, written when my mind was working and life was actually better.

The truth is that I haven't noticed a different in 2012 and 2013 at this point. Admittedly, it is still early days yet. Today is only the 12th.

I have lunch today with an old friend... well, she isn't old, probably a bit younger than me but still it will be nice to sit and chat about nothing for a hour and get reacquainted with and old friend.

Earlier this week I signed up for Forward Motion Two Year Novel writing course. No, I don't know if I'll complete it or if this will be another unfinished work. But it won't be anything if I don't do it. So, I signed up. We'll see.

On the 29th I'm meeting with a group of NaNoWriMos who are interested in forming writing groups. Maybe the FM thing would be a good platform to do this on. A monthly check in to see how we're progressing? Not everyone will want to do it but I think a few are going to so we'll see.

Monday night I have my meeting with the Writers' Asylum Online. Always fun and this meeting is supposed to be about 10 people... we think. I have homework to do this weekend in in prep. I've been a little distracted and have not had time to really research like I wanted.

Now I'm going to wash my hair and get dressed.


  1. Good to hear from you again. I have been goal setting today....decided that drifting through life isn't acceptable anymore. I am interested in learning more about your writing groups...maybe a writing goal is in sight for me...p.s. I am still in my pj's this morning.:)

    1. Hi Ruth! Hope you're doing well.

      I always encourage everyone to try writing, even it is for fun. You have a blog so, start another one for fiction writing! LOL, if you look at that bar above, you'll see I have a problem limiting myself.

      {Shush} I was still in my pj's as well!

  2. Hello Cynthia! Nice to get your news, and your WERE missed, by the way. Good for you, starting the writing course! Good luck!

  3. Someone recently suggested to me that I begin to keep a journal. Yup the old fashioned kind where I can scribble out my thoughts as they happen. I suppose my blogs are a journal of sorts but in the day I kept steno notebooks and wrote all sorts of things. Well I started one and stuck it under the mattress lol if someone finds it they find it oh well . Seriously though it's great therapy to write and a lot of times it turns out pretty well. I am amazed what seems to write itself at times!