Monday, January 21, 2013

A New Look

For the first time in a long time I like my blog's look! I've been messing with it ever since I left Multiply. I've had a blogger site long before I even went to Multiply and before that, Yahoo 360. I rarely did anything but use the theme that came with Blogger. This site was much harder back in 2005 to customize the background and overall appearance. I basically used this as a back up blog and spent all my time on Multiply. Over time, more and more, and just in time, it became easier. Now it is even easier than Multiply ever was to customize.

I actually changed it when Multiply first closed to look like my Multiply site. I think it made it easier for friends to adjust a bit. I changed the name shortly after that and have been trying to find something a bit more current.

In the past I have always used a full background but I've been looking for something that would reflect the name change. Do you know that photos of someone on a ledge are not common? And what I found was just not what I wanted to express. But this past week, during a Google I found exactly what I had in my mind. In fact, the creator could have been reading my thoughts. The photo is called Seeking Solace by James McKenzie and you will find a link on the right to his site at Deviant Art. When he gave me permission to use it I bout jumped for joy. And I don't get much of that lately. Please visit and check out his other work.

Thanks, James.


  1. Cynthia, your new look is perfect! Seeking Solace speaks volumes - like a wordless Wednesday! Very nice.

  2. I like the look of this, well done you, its looking good. I used to mess about with design all the time over on Multiply but sinse being here I've not really bothered. I've found pretty standard designs, tweeked the colous and the font a bit, and then just left them alone. Not sure its thats because I find it so much harder to get ny own photos and backgrounds here or if its because I'm just more easily pleased these days.
    Anyway, point is, yours is looking great.:-)

  3. Agreed. The image is perfect for this blog. I don't comment much, but I am still reading your posts. Write on.