Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where, Oh Where....

I've been around. I have read everyone else's blogs but just haven't had anything to write home about. I did a couple of video blogs I think. Maybe one. I have another somewhere that I think I forgot to post. 

That is how things have been going. My job has been stressful for a variety of reason, mostly because I suddenly realized I'd be working until I'm dead. There is no way anyone can "retire" with the way things are going. And I have other responsibilities that will insure that there will be no retiring. It has given me a depressing outlook on an already bad month. Mainly because I'm tired.

There is talk that we will go "home" in May to visit and go canoeing. But as soon as they told me gas was now +$4 a gallon I balked. I'm sorry, I simply refuse to fund the Arab world anymore than absolutely necessary. I don't mind not spending money on their oil. Basic travel only. There are lots of things to do here that don't involve giving them money. 

I've nearly finished Sarah's blue shrug. It is really pretty. About 5 more to go. Nice thing is she can wear these next winter as well. 

I haven't done much writing. March is simply a wash as far as WRoE is concerned. The online writing group met on Monday night. This is a nice group to chat with about writing. 

 By the way, the vinegar is killing weeds at last. So, maybe I didn't use enough. Need to go back to the sites that recommended it. I'm using it where I don't want anything to grow anyway and if it works, I won't kill the bunnies by using it. Becca said the grass would taste funny to the bunnies. I said, "No, it's salad dressing." 

All right, I'm done. See, just nothing worth relating. I hope everyone has a good week.


  1. I disagree. I now have the entertaining thought of adding condiments to our lawn, which is completely worth it for me.

    Do you think the bunnies would prefer Italian?

  2. I'm sure that variety is the spice of life. They'd probably love Italian. And a house vinagrette?