Sunday, October 4, 2015

Crackers & Mayo

I have this memory from my childhood of standing on the sidewalk near home and thinking I wanted a snack. I went home and pulled out the Premium Saltine Crackers. That is the only kind Mama bought unless money was tight.  I also took out a jar of mayo and made "cracker sandwiches". Oh yes, I did.

This was a true southern snack that I suspect a lot of other southern children in those days enjoyed. I know my brother and I did and several of our friends.

Fifty years later, that memory is as clear as a digital photo. I can still see the sun shining and feel the sidewalk on my bare feet. The crackle of the cracker packet is loud as I open it. The mayo spreads smoothly over each cracker and I resist eating a single one until all my cracker sandwiches are made. Then, I scoop them up and head back outside where I sit on the steps and enjoy crackers with mayo. Yummm.

My sister recently found mini-Premium Saltine Crackers and Sarah just loves them. I was amused by them and the fact that my favorite snack was the normal sized ones. She was eating some one afternoon and I asked her had she ever eaten them with mayo on them. She responded with her typical "yuk". I got the jar of mayo from the cabinet and took one of her mini crackers. Using a spoon, I took a small amount of mayo (they are very mini) and covered the cracker. I was slammed 50 years back in time. It was wonderful.

Sarah watched with interest as I ate. After a moment, she said, "May I try a little of that?"

I made her one and she took a bite. When a person really falls in love it is instant and you can see it on their faces. Those tiny crackers and mayo were a hit. Since then, she's asked for this cracker snack a few times and we usually share the treat.

For her, it is different. She gets a handful of these tiny crackers on a plate, a spoon of mayo, and dips the cracker in the mayo like a chip.

For me, it is something very special to watch her enjoy it. I can't explain it well, but it is as if we've both stepped into the past in some way. I'm eight years old, sitting on the front steps, eating my cracker sandwiches and Sarah is sitting there with me dipping her crackers into the mayo. It is a sunny day and I can feel the wood steps beneath my bare feet. We both take a bite and close our eyes. Yummm.


  1. In New York, we had saltines and butter. I can see the attraction, I'll have to try that sometime.

  2. I was like Christina, we did crackers with butter.

  3. That is so interesting, Christina & Matt! Just cross the Mason-Dixon and one ingredient changes. Love that bit of info!

  4. Never thought of putting mayo on crackers. Will have to try it๐Ÿ˜€

  5. I've been eating crackers and mayo for years. I'll bet my dad, who is from southeaster Missouri, introduced me to that. Never thought of it before. I don't have the lovely memory of that moment like you shared here. One day Sarah will see this and remember it with you. Special little times with our families make happy memories.

    I have also had crackers and butter. I have the best of both worlds!

    And my friend Nancy and I have had a discussion about Premium Saltines. I've bought knock off crackers many times but you know what? I wish I would have spent the extra $1 and gotten the premium. There is a huge difference in taste. It's one name brand item that is definitely worth it.

  6. grew up in Louisiana never heard of it sounds nasty

    1. Well, I reckon the Mississippi is a bit like the Mason-Dixon.