Saturday, September 12, 2015

Short Shift

Well, what is going on in my world? I've covered some of it here: Writing My Life Away and Rendered Praise. If you're truly interested, you can catch up. If you're not, it will save me having to recount it on this blog.

I spent most of today sitting in my house reading. I didn't really do anything, except maybe finish putting away almost all the laundry. If you read a bit on any of my blogs, you will find laundry is a problem for me. I seem to have an inordinate amount of laundry. I don't know why. We are clean, but I only do laundry once a week, generally on Saturday. I do sheets, towels, and our clothing. In theory, roughly three loads.

However, it seems Sarah has the most laundry but she's only 9 so I don't see how that can be. Wait, that isn't true. She wears a uniform to school. She changes when she comes in. So, two outfits a day would equal 11 changes of clothes a week. O.k. that could be it. Odd, it never occurred to me until just now. Really, it didn't. Must find a solution to that.

Today I did not do laundry. I had already done most of it earlier in the week. I only had one load of everything so yesterday, I tossed it all in together. I didn't care if there were towels with the undies. They will act as scrub brushes and scour any soil right out. And I only had one load to deal with.

The only thing left to put away is two weeks of sheet sets.

I don't care. I hate sheets.

I've been working on the Ocean Sunset afghan again. I picked up some more yarn earlier this week. (See above blogs). I realized I was short of one color. I was not well enough the last week to work on it but one day this week, and I knew I was short, which acts as a damper. So, I went to JoAnn's and got the yarn and worked on it some last night. This thing is just beautiful and I'm going to be sorry to give it away. Alas, I didn't start it for myself. I realized recently I haven't made myself any crocheted items but dish cloths. Very practical girl, I am. There is something wrong with that. Nah, I just love giving the pretty things to people I love.

So, now I'm off. This post will be short tonight. I'm tired and have some reading to do so I'm ending here. Church tomorrow.


  1. I find it funny how we all do different things with our laundry. I do mine every other day so that it doesn't mount up. I use my tumble drier way more than I should and I iron absolutely everything. Yes, I do mean everything! I HATE ironing too.

    I do enjoy the fact that there is much less of it now. It was a nightmare when the children were all at school. They too wore uniforms so 2 lots of clothes each day. Plus Simon who wore a suit, shirt and tie for school and so also changed when he got home. I had 6 shirts a day for years! With all the towels and bed linen I used to do around 4 loads per day! So glad those day are gone!

    LOVE your afghan. Such gorgeous colours.

    We are about to head off on holiday for 3 weeks so I will not have much opportunity to catch up on blogs. I will be thinking of you though and hope that you enjoy a pain free few weeks. x

  2. It is gorgeous! Such beautiful colors!

    I know I've said it before but as soon as the kids could reach the knobs on the machine, they were doing their own laundry. Yes I would supervise, but basically they did their own. Of course my kids sprouted early.

    Hope you have a productive week!

  3. Oh I remember the days when the 3 kids were home and all in uniforms - laundry was done on a daily basis to keep it under control and I NEVER had control of the ironing. Now I do and it's rather satisfying to see the basket empty most of the time. I swear that socks multiple and divide - we always seem to have loads - of odd socks! lol The problem with the kids was that often their clothes wouldn't really be dirty,- they probably had worn them less than a day, but they would never hang things up or fold them so they ended up getting washed before they really needed to. I bet they're more careful now they're all doing their own laundry.