Sunday, February 15, 2015

Returning Balance

You know that sometimes life just gets turned upside down and you can spend a long time trying to right it. Mike broke his leg on January 30th and today is February 15th. It has taken this long for things to settle down and for me to recover to the point where I feel fairly normal. Of course, those of you who know me well know that I'm not even close to normal on a good day but that's another post.

Last night I sat down and finished one of my crochet projects that I've worked on for a few weeks. I used a left over skein of yarn that I used to make Sarah a shrug. I've wanted to try this project for a while but just put it off. In January I decided to try it. 

You've probably seen versions of this here and there in a solid color. I like this variegated yarn by Caron Simply Soft. I use a lot of Caron because it just feels good to touch. It is lighter than most yarns and I've made some nice shrugs with it for Sarah. She even has a dress made with a different variegated color, which you can see on my Ravelry page.

The button on the "clamp" is one I've had in my jewelry box for over a decade. Yes, at least that. I bought it originally to make a choker but never got around to it and I'm glad now I didn't. I do think I should have used a dark solid color to bring out that button and will probably make a second band and transfer it to that. I can get another button for this one that will show up  much better. I will also make that "clamp" portion a bit smaller to give a more gathered look to the band. It stretches and flattens out and I didn't want that. 

If you've read about any of my crochet at all you know I go patternless most of the time, preferring to experiment with my skills. I'm not a master, I'm a creative. I didn't have a pattern for this. I just saw a photo and decided to try it my way. 

I made my band in short rows of single crochet, whereas the photo I saw made their band in the round and I believe they used double crochet. After making this one, I think I'd like to try doing one that way but who knows. I suspect it controls the stretch a bit more. I've made a headband before with a flower. Sarah has since lost both of them. Very annoying. I loved them. I may try this with an even smaller weight yarn. 

I must say it is very warm on my ears and since I'm losing hair along the top of my head due to the RA medicines they're giving me, this may be a viable option to the bald look I shall eventually be sporting. 


  1. It's lovely - but you are right, the beauty of the button is lost in the little band. But I'm not certain black is the right choice. Loveliness, warmth, beauty - you've got it with this one.

  2. It is so pretty! I love the cheerful colors. But yes, I would go with a different button. Solid color.

  3. Hi, I gave up blogging a while ago but just recently decided to open up my old blog and start again, and so far, apart from the IT crisis, I'm really enjoying it. I love the colours in this, but I like any thing thats brightly coloured. I think bright colours make you feel cheery and brighten the day. Somehow being surrounded by bright colours always makes my mood brighter. And I so admire people who crotchet, thats one craft I've never mastered. This could be a nice little sideline for you, maybe even a money maker. :-)

    1. Hi forgetmenot! I wondered what happened to you and I hunted you down on my blog list the other day. Hope all is well.

      I love bright colors too and I love crochet but my curse is too may hobbies! I love to sew but haven't for some time. I'm working on a novel. I coordinate a writing group, my son is laid up with a broken legs and I'm his nurse, my granddaughter lives with me! I'll stop there. Crochet usually is "when I sit down and am awake".

      Good to hear from you! I look forward to reading the blogs again.

  4. Hi sorry not been around for ages, I did say over on my blog that I was leaving Blogger and I've not be here for quite a while, but then, few weeks or maybe months ago I decided to come back. Nice to be here :-)