Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday Weather - 02/20/14

 Today the sun shone all day and it wasn't nearly as cold. I am so ready for spring. I was tempted to just wear my fleece shawl but went with my coat since it was still rather cold. When I went home for lunch around noon, the weather was bright sunny and had warmed considerably. So, when I returned to work I took the shawl and it was just right. By the time I got off at 4 p.m. I was tempted, very tempted to go to the cemetery and walk but decided it was still too chilly for me to handle. Instead I went and bought mouse traps.

Why mouse traps? This morning I was sitting enjoying my coffee and simply meditating before work. I had fixed a toaster pastry for breakfast and put the paper in the trash. As I sat there I heard something in the trash shifting. I was just feet from the kitchen door and could clearly hear it. I got up and eased around the door. A big, fat mouse was just climbing over the edge of the can. It disappeared just as I danced back into the living room with a squeal. I guess it was having breakfast, too. 

I'm near a nature preserve and field mice are prevalent when you have such places. I've lived here for over 22 years but never had a problem until a neighbor's garage was torn down over 10 years ago. Since then, I'm constantly battling the little furry demons. They thought my house was Noah's Ark. I tried all manner of poison and fancy traps. The most effective trap is the old one you remember from your childhood. Victory traps, built the same way they've always been made, with the little curled metal piece where you put the bait.

I had one mouse trap left and so I set it before I left for work. When I got home at lunch, I had a mouse. I disposed of it but realized I had to go buy another more traps. 

It was a busy day but I was so tired that it took a lot for me to keep going. By the time I got off all I wanted to do was sit in my chair, which I did.

Now, at 8 p.m. I'm seriously thinking about bed. I hope tomorrow will be another sunny day.


  1. The worst traps are those glue ones. They are inhumane, in my opinion. You need a spayed/neutered feral cat to take care of those mice. One more thing for you to take care of, right?

    1. Right... just what I need, a cat with a nasty disposition. And I don't like cats. I can deal with them when they're someone else's pet. They even tend to like me. Probably because we have kindred spirits. I understand them but neither of us make good pets.

      I've caught two yesterday. I'm sure there's more but finding traps that work are the biggest problem. They're virtually all useless. I too don't like the glue traps, and they don't work that well.