Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Don't Worry, Everything's Awry

It's Wednesday. Generally accepted at the middle of the week, some folks call it hump day. People will say things like, "It's all down hill from here." I don't particularly agree with that theory. It depends on who I have to talk to between 8 a.m. Wednesday morning and 4 p.m. that afternoon.

I mean, it could be an uphill climb if someone comes in and wants to discuss how I am mistaken about what they are supposed to pay and that if my boss had any brains, he'd hire people who knew what they were doing. It might be a slippery slope if the that person who constantly threatens to call HUD if they don't get their way comes in. I mean, that doesn't scare me but it does other people in my office. I've seen people nearly wet themselves if you say, "HUD is on line one for you." Not sure what that's about.

Anyway, I just know it means there are two more work days before Friday. If I smile bright enough, clinch my fist,  bite my tongue, and tighten my glutus maximus while sucking in my gut, I might get through until 4 p.m. Friday. And if I don't I'll probably explode and take everyone with me.

Apparently, there is no escape.

I've been a bit under the weather. Not really sick. My pain is less but hovering around a 4. Most joints are hurting. I've had some breathing issues. Shortness of breath, mostly in the evening  or at night. Doctor said it might be bronchial spasms. I started taking a decongestant on my own for a couple of night and I think it is actually a bit better.

My neck has been a monster with a capital M. My doctor said she thinks the problem is wryneck or torticollis. I prefer the wryneck because I'm hoping it goes away. Torticollis can be debilitating. It is a neurological disorder. Just what I need, another disorder. Tends to strike women more than men. Doesn't everything? I've been using heat pads but the paperwork she gave me says it can take up to five years for some cases to heal. Causes vary from an injury to an infection. Well, I had a swollen gland in my neck about a week or so ago. Remember?

As a result, my writing this week is way down. I also had Sarah a few nights and that takes a lot out of me. so, here I am, with a kink in my neck and my knickers in a twist. Now I'm going to make myself go to bed. I've got to stop sitting up late like this. I need my rest.

This week will be the first week I have a reduced paycheck. Sixteen hours less on this check and it is the first of the month. That's two days of pay! May have to get the house payment ahead so I can pay it mid month rather than on the first. I usually pay most bills on the first.

Honestly, I'm not too bent about all this. That extra hour in the afternoon has been restful in many ways. A couple of days I actually took a nap when I got home and I still slept that night. I've been able to run a few errands, too. And a few evenings, I just saw and watched a couple of shows and crocheted. So, I think once I get used to it and get my finances organized around it, I'll be fine with it.

Must rush off now. I'm actually tired.


  1. It is amazing what we can live on. Our budget fit nicely - before David's hospitalizations and his subsequent monthly outpatient visits. I can't imagine what dialysis patients do. I, too, am tired of learning new medical terms, along with their prognosis and treatment - finding most simply do not disappear. Should the office close complelely (which we know it won't) consider my alternative suggestion!

  2. Hi Cynthia, Sorry to hear you are still a little out of sorts. Hoping that you will be feeling better soon. Terri in Florida suggested I contact you although I already do follow you...I have posted on my blog page a few stories...could you read them and give me your opinion. Terri thinks I should work more on my writing...right now I am working on art....but have always wanted to write a book. Let me know what you think...Thanks Ruth

    1. How funny, Ruth! I actually have been reading your blog a bit. I've been enjoying the paintings. I wonder if Terri knows we "know" each other? LOL.

      I'd be happy to read the stories and give you some feedback.