Saturday, September 7, 2013

Just Remembered

I forgot something that I wanted to remember. As I was taking my walk today, I came up with an idea for NaNo. Yes, NaNo. Happens every November.

Anyway, I had an idea for a story. Just a start, nothing more. Probably a couple of pages of writing from it at this point. I've got to write down the idea or it will be gone. I'm surprised I've kept it this long. But that's a good sign, actually.

It is nearly midnight and I have to get to bed.


  1. I fully remember one night when I had an idea for a blog - would have been able to build a full 500 words on that one sentence, but I was in bed and oh, so comfortable. Besides, I would have awakened Beloved Husband if I had gotten up to write it down. I put the thought on a shelf in my mind, thinking I could pick it up the next morning. As you can see, I remember all of that -- but not that one thought, that one sentence! May you remember this morning!!!!!

  2. write it down while you remember...............:-) if it were me I would never remember if it wasn't written down.