Monday, September 2, 2013

A Hurried Trip Through My Week

I actually started this blog on Friday and didn't get to finish it. I hate when that happens. So, we'll do it now.

I hate whiners. Some days I don't like myself. I whine. I've had a terrible week and I've whined too much because of it and by mid-day I was feeling bummed because whining is its own reward. The more you do it, the more you feel it.

I had a lovely lunch with my friend, Loraine on Friday. A nice positive end to the week, at least. She's back home from her summer in Tennessee. Loraine is a nice ray of sunshine and she is such a good friend. Who knew four years ago during NaNo I'd make such a good friend. She's a good listener but today, she actually talked a lot, for Loraine. It was nice to listen for a change.

Walking has been a problem. All week I could barely walk. Shin splints. They're were better by Friday and I took my bike to the cemetery and rode instead of walking but it was so hot. Obviously not doing any hills. I was feeling better doing all that walking. I have to continue. I haven't walked since or ridden the bike. The heat is impossible. I'm hoping for a cooler week ahead and returning to walking. I've bought some inserts for my shoes to see if it helps.

Saturday I spent moving furniture around, clearing some space in Sarah's room. This is all heavy bookcases and a desk with a hutch that only weighs about 700 lbs. Takes two grown men move the hutch off the desk, with a lot of effort even then. I rarely do that. But shoving this thing around the room is work. By eight o'clock I was fairly well unable to move a pillow. The bookcases are quite heavy but thankfully, David moved those. I just manhandled the books.

We decided to take Sarah to Sonic for supper and while we were sitting there I told David, "I can't do this anymore. When Dad was alive I had help but now, I'm too old to be doing this stuff."

Sarah spoke up from the back seat in a chiding voice. "Mawmaw! You shouldn't say you're old! It's true but you shouldn't say that about yourself!"

Needless to say, Dave and I would have rolled in the floor had we the room in the car to do so.

Sunday we went to church. That afternoon around 2 p.m. I decided I needed a nap before church that night. Dave woke me and said, "Mom, don't you think we need to get up? It's seven o'clock."

I looked around window and noted it wasn't very light outside. I said, "Dave, it's Monday, we don't have to work today. I don't have to get up."

He said, "Mom, it's Sunday."

I said, "No it isn't. It's Monday and a holiday. I don't have to go to work."

He said, "Mom, it is Sunday. We went to church this morning."

I still couldn't fathom it. When I finally got my head back on I realized that all of us, me, Dave, and Mike had gone to sleep and slept all afternoon. I knew I was tired and had not slept well the night before because of my aches and pains but I was obviously more tired than even I realized.

Today Dave went to the Labor Day picnic at church and I stayed home, just sitting around crocheting, winding yarn, and watching movies all alone. It has been heaven. We're going over to Becca's in a bit and have cake and ice cream with Sarah. Today is her 7th birthday. She is growing up too fast. I suspect she's still a lot less "mature" than her peers but we've sheltered her from the likes of Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana. She's not into make-up but likes perfume and powder. She's not into baby dolls but prefers stuffed animals and other critters. And she loves a good story. My girl.

I hate that I have to go back to work tomorrow. It just drains me so much. Lately, I'm looking around at what I'm doing and all the things I want to do and finding it decidedly lacking in several areas. I haven't been crocheting as much but I need another skein of yarn for the sweater. I got that on Saturday. I don't want to start the next one until I'm done with this one.

I've been reviewing my online presence for a while now. More and more I've limited my involvement because it has become very unrewarding and was sucking time better spent on more constructive pursuits. And I've stuck to things that are constructive as much as possible. I was even able to do CampNaNo. I'm trying to do some new things with my local writing group.

I was reviewing my blogs and those I subscribe to. I have all the blogs I'm subscribed to in Feedly and I really like it way better than I ever liked Google Reader. Slick, easy to use, and easy to read. And I can skim much better to see if the topic is of interest.

I noticed I'm subscribed to twenty-seven blogs on a variety of subjects. Some are blogs about things I'm interested in, i.e. crochet, writing, widows. Some are blogs by online acquaintances/friends. Some are special people in my life that I just  like reading about their life. Here and there I make comments and drop a note. 

It suddenly occurred to me that only a handful of people ever interact with me on the blogs. I notice more a one-sided affairs. I've noticed before and wondered about it. I don't expect the specific interest blogs to respond unless I make a comment that requires one. But oddly enough, I usually get an email if I do. The blog that I am subscribed to as acquaintances and friends is another matter. I don't make a ton of comments and lately very few. But I'm trying to evaluate the value of having contacts with whom I'm never in contact.

I'm left with one conclusion. Either my blog is uninteresting, a real possibility that I frequently admit to on my blog, or these are people who really just wanted subscribers for their blogs. I don't like being a pretty face. I'm guessing that for the most part, reading a blog that holds no value to anyone but the blogger is a waste of time. My blog is more of a journal and who wants to read someone's diary all the time. I feel pretty much the same way... well, that's probably not true as I enjoy the personal blogs a lot more than my craft ones. Life is always more interesting to me. So, I'm evaluating what I want to keep and which I want to toss on my blog list.

On top of that, I've been reorganizing my circles, eliminating some, consolidating others. I've got too many and while they are handy for categorizing, too many becomes a chore to juggle. They're colored balls that get bounced around. Even when you delete them, they bounce and roll off the screen. And frankly, this is another case of people adding, not to talk to you but to advertise something they're selling, whether a product or service. I don't want what you're selling so bother adding me. If you're not interested in interaction, don't add me. I'm seeing more of the advertising on Facebook too, leading me again to consider chucking all social networks. I really find them tedious in most respects. I even signed on to twitter and find it eminently useless. Even were I a famous person, I'd find it a waste of time.

My friend, Chris, had a very good blog today. It is what I always enjoyed about the Multiply blogs. They were about people and you cared about each other. You shared a lot more. And I have several of those folks on my list and they're probably the ones I hear from most often. It still isn't Multiply but I'm learning more and more how to utilize G+ to fill in the blanks and it helps. So, I'm going to go through my blog subscriptions and do some trimming. Twenty-seven blogs is a lot. Something has to go.

We just got back from Sarah's birthday celebration. It was very nice for all of us to be there and watch her and eat cake and ice cream. I was very proud of David for making the effort. I want someday for Sarah to be able to look back and say, "Mom and Dad may not have been able to work out their differences but set those aside to give me good memories." I'd give anything to have such a memory.

 Tomorrow is a work day. I think I've got a cold. I've been coughing and have some kind of congestion in my chest. Going to take something and hit the hay. Pray for a better week for me.


  1. What is Feedly? I have to check this out.

    Frankly, I am extremely frustrated trying to read people's blogs or know that they have blogged. It was so simple on Multiply and even on yahoo 360. Google Reader is not working out for me. I wish it would.

    I'll go check out Feedly.

    It's funny. I thought that you usually get plenty of responses--way more than me. The only time I get any response at all is when I crochet and post what my work.

    Hang in there, dear. You are loved.

  2. Go to the Google Play Story and type it in. You'll get a list of plug-ins I think. It works really good and I like the format. So much easier to keep up. I also use the blog roll on my dashboard.

    I think my old Multiply friends and my new, old Multiply friends all do comment. But let's face it, 27 blogs is silly and impossible to keep up with. And if I don't know their keeping up with me, it must not be an issue. I also have some old 360 friends who never went to Multiply. It isn't so much personal as practical. People move on and other things become more important. I tend to hang on longer but it is time to let go.

    I got a lot of "new" friends when I had to leave Multiply and I lost some old ones. The new ones are just really great. I think the move to Blogger by the Multiply faction has been a difficult transition but most of us are not utilizing the Google + efficiently. The link between blogger, G+ and YouTube is really amazing and very easy to manage. No, it isn't Multiply but the notification process is very efficient. I use it for both FB and G+. My blog gets a lot of hits on a daily basis. I've stopped so much public posting and am no trimming down to Circles only. And I've already moved people into other circles so I can drop some of the circles.

    But have no fear, Chris, you're a keeper. LOL, I suspect most of my list will be kept but there are going to be cuts. The first to go will be those who don't post at all. Well, except for Jilly. I keep hoping she'll have time to start up again. She's keeping in touch by email, though. Second will be things I no longer find interesting. That's some of the speciality blogs I've stopped reading. I actually have a couple of dead blogs on the list too. They'll go.

    So, there is a method to my madness but it isn't like I'm chopping down the forest.

  3. Jilly is simply too busy to post! The items in her Etsy shop are setting a high bar, aren't they? I'm enjoying the quilt-top piecing I'm doing, hope to have some photos of completed blocks soon. Back to blogs - I haven't counted the ones I read on a regular basis. I keep them on Bloglovin - found it before Feedly.

    I've considered not blogging - but there are an average of 25 people who read mine on a regular basis - seldom ever posting a response. It also keeps me thinking of what I would say about the verses I read, not just reading them and moving on. So, I'll continue to blog, share on Google+ and FB, while reading and chatting with my friends. I like G+ better because I can easily Plus to let the blogger know that I enjoyed stopping by even if I didn't have time to make a comment.

    You've created beautiful memories for Sarah.

  4. I think lack of social interaction is the only down side I've found to being here. I've tried several sites since multiply closed and in the end chose this one because I think its the only place that comes close to offering what we had on Multiply, at least as far as the site itself goes. But I find it so hard to follow other peoples blogs. I like to follow by subscribing which means updates are in the reading list and I also like to subscribe by email because then I am notified of new posts and new comments. But for those people who don't put the 'subscribe' and 'follow by email' gadgets on their page, it is really hard to know when they have posted. I have far fewer comments here than I ever did on Multiply but I still think its the best of all the sites I tried. Personally , I don't really like the goggle options, I prefer the subscribe gadgets.

    1. Oh absolutely! I have email turned on and I get the comments and updates if I want them. I think the problem is that most don't make an effort to really learn what features it actually has. Turning on email means you get comments and updates in your email and can respond immediately. You can also send your post by email. I used to do that a lot. The interaction is missing only because people aren't utilizing these features.

      The G+ features are simply an extension of these and I think, eventually will actually be the only way to do it.

      I was a Blogger user long before Multiply and Yahoo 360, so I've very comfortable with it and have learned as they have evolved.

    2. actually when 360 ended I swore i would never be caught out like that again and although I settled on Multiply, I always had Blogger as back up. Must admit I didn't cross post every thing and before multiply closed I had a mad rush to get every thing here.............but the point is, I've had this site a while and have slowly learned how to use it. But it does drive me nuts when people don't use the gadgets.