Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

The weekend went well. We went to St. Louis and stayed at Pear Tree Inn on Market Street. This was a really nice hotel for the money and I'd stay there again. It was clean and the service was wonderful. The breakfast buffet was free and huge. Snacks at 5 p.m. were free with free drinks. The pool and hot tub was indoors. I could have sat by the pool all day and been fine. 

We had some interesting adventures searching for places to eat and it became our big joke of the day. On Friday, we were looking for a specific restaurant. The Tom-Tom gave us directions. We put it in. We arrived 30 minutes and miles later. Building was there, restaurant was gone. We picked another and we followed the directions. They were wrong. Becca and I are a bit annoyed but we decided we better call to make sure the restaurant was actually THERE before we headed out again. We did and after an hour wandering around we arrived and had lunch. We returned to the hotel to relax and spent the evening in the pool. Later that evening we ordered pizza.

We took Sarah to the Science Museum on Saturday morning and you should have seen her face when she saw the dinosaur exhibit. He moved and roared and was life-sized.   Obviously, she never dreamed exactly how big  he would be and when faced with it her mind sort of boggled. Her face was priceless. She was awestruck and a bit terrified.There were lots of things in the museum but they were a bit old for her. We went to the Planetarium and we all enjoyed that show. It lasted about an hour. We chose to lie on the floor on mats. Mike dozed off and started snoring. I had to wake him up. 

Our next adventure began. We searched for a place to eat and thinking that Burger King would certainly never disappear from the earth and that Hershey Pie sounded perfect, we headed out only to find that it too had moved and the building was now the Noodle House. We continued our search until we came upon an oasis. 

"There's a Steak and Shake, David." I said. "Pull in." And we did. After a ridiculously expensive meal of burgers and ice cream we headed home.

The drive went quickly and I was thrilled to be in my own house. Sunday was a bust as I was so exhausted and my mysterious allergy revealed itself to be a full blow head cold. I returned to work this morning and now I sit in my living room, about to head off to the nighttime adventure of sleep. 

I'm sick. I can't breath well. My head hurts. My throat hurts. I cough and my head hurts. I am so tired and I am achy. Every time I leave my house I catch some disease. I might give up vacations all together. 

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