Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Crazy Life

I just got off an hour call with my sister, Roselynn. As I said, she's in hospital with a whole slew of issues. They operated on her last week for a problem with her sinuses and took out her adenoids and tonsils. She's had a rash of problems ever since. She spiked a fever and got dehydrated and ended up back in the hospital. They found she had pneumonia, iron deficiency, and yesterday, tore a stitch out.

At any rate, I was cancelling the trip but she said she wanted everyone to come anyway. She can't take the canoe trip but she can go to the beach. She said seeing everyone was what she wanted. So, we'll go down on Saturday and I'll head back home on Thursday. That will give me a few days to recover from the long drive. It is roughly 12 hours and even with Mike to help drive, it will be hard on me.

I get four weeks of vacation a year but I usually have things I have to take some of that for that have nothing to do with vacation and so end up taking only a week or two for real relaxation. This year, I'm changing that. I'm not going to use vacation unless absolutely necessary for illness. This isn't usually my plan. It just happens that way. Instead, I'm taking extra care to horde it. I have invitations from Texas and England. I want so much to take those two trips. Life is short.

I'm going to get ready for church now.

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