Tuesday, August 9, 2016


I used to have the most vivid dreams. They say we dream in black and white but I dreamed in color and I'd have the most interesting dreams. I stopped dreaming years ago for a very long time. I don't know why but probably due to my sleep disorder. To dream, you actually have to sleep well.

Not dreaming can't be good. They say it helps you work out problems and frustrations in your waking life. I think that is true and I miss my vivid dreams. Perhaps I still dream and they're just not memorable. After they started treating me for the sleep apnea I did start to have a few dreams but not very memorable ones or very vivid.

Until last night. I dreamed and the dream stuck with me after I woke up. It was quite vivid and for some reason disturbed me. It might be because there was so much confusion in the dream. Even now, as I write this post, I'm confused by it. Some of it fades but fortunately, I wrote it down. You can see it is filled with confusion.

In my dream I was going to a funeral, I think. I thought I was with someone (Daddy) and when I parked the car I told them I could find it when I came out. Then I was alone inside a huge church packed with black people and I thought a black person was dead. They all had on white hats and I remember they were singing but not the song.

At first, I was seated toward the back and high up but then I was near the front left on the end of the pew and two white women were seated on my right. The nearest was blond or gray haired. Beyond them were two people I knew, Loraine and Joseph. They used to live in town and moved to Nashville. I didn't know why they were in the church. Or my dream.

I suddenly had a tablet and had turned it on. I don't know why I had it but I was listening to something and the woman next to me told me to turn it off. She was very rude and then the woman next to her was snarling to turn it off. I was frustrated at getting caught with it on, even though I didn't understand why it was on in church. I told them I was trying to shut it down but didn't know how. I finally got it off but the woman said something ugly to me but I don't know what. She pointed out that Loraine and Joseph left and said it was my fault. I could see them walking up the sloping aisle of the church.

I started to leave but went back to tell the woman that she didn't know anything about me, who I was or what I'd been thru and then I felt bad for being nasty to her. I said that I didn't know her either and was sorry for being disruptive and left.

Outside it was pitch black but I saw Loraine and Joseph driving away. I was surrounded by woods. Cars were parked willy nilly around the woods and I couldn't find mine. I was getting panicky, using the emergency button on my key, hoping to set off the car alarm so I could find my car. I felt there were people going to their cars but didn't see anyone. I remembered telling someone I could find my car again.

Then it was daytime and the building was surrounded by parking areas. There was a creek and beyond it a parking area. In the light, I could see that there were parking areas all around. I kept walking trying to find my car, pointing the key and pushing the button. 

Then, I was on the street and it was lined with cars. I walked a moment or two and turned into another parking area. I stopped and dug out my phone and told someone to call home (who?) but saw it had all these games on it. 

I started deleting them until I realized I needed to call home and ask where the car was. Then I realized I didn't have my phone. It looked very weird with a small screen and was a pink color. I didn't know whose phone it was but I knew mine was in my purse. I handed the phone to someone (?) and began to dig in my purse.

I woke up.


  1. Oh goodness what a mixed up dream. Maybe when you look at it calmly you will see links to events taking place in your life or things you are planning/worrying about. My hubby has sleep apnoea and didn't dream before he was diagnosed but now he has a CPAP machine and sleeps better he does dream more.

    1. I do think the sleep apnea is the culprit in not dreaming. I had really vivid dreams up until about 12-14 yrs ago. Gradually my dreams just seemed to stop. I always knew when I had a good night's sleep because I'd have these amazing dreams.

      This one... obviously, I'm looking for something. The church think has some significance.. I just went back to the church I attended when I came to Evansville. The friends leaving... I have been talking with her about visiting and some other things. So she was in my head. Oddly, they have two children who were not in the dream.

      The white hats just defy me. Everyone had one on. No idea why everyone was black and then there are five white people. I think because they are significant in the dream. They "stood out". And of course, looking for the car is probably the significant factor in the whole thing. I spent a lot of time searching.

  2. My genius cousin (a real NASA rocket guy) took part in a test and discovered he dreamed in black and white. I dream in color and remember one from the 1940's about red Jello. Now, with some of the meds I'm taking, I have awesome thriller dreams - but can only remember parts of them on awaking. Maybe I'm reading too many mysteries?