Monday, November 9, 2015

Die Another Day

I never do the sensible thing. I start cleaning out disk files and I just have to click on that file and listen to it again. And I always regret it. I have decided today that the day I can listen to this and he doesn't die all over again, I'll be ok. I won't feel like there is a sword in my chest. I won't feel like I'm broken in half. I'll be able to listen to it and nothing will happen. It will just be a song from my youth.


  1. This video made my day! I was feeling down and when I opened it and started kareoking to it I felt so much matter. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Music certainly has a way of evoking memories and clearly this evokes sad memories for you. Sometimes we need to remember those times to remind ourselves we will never forget the good times as well as the bad. To forget completely would be an insult to his memory so my belief is you will never be able to hear this song and be 100 % ok but hopefully you will gradually be more ok than now. Hope that ramble makes sense! :)