Sunday, November 3, 2013

NaNo Day 2

As day two comes to a close, NaNoWriMo is well underway in my region. I've got a lively and involved group this year. Several lurkers have come into the light and we have several first timers. It is always a lot of fun the met these two group. They're eager, excited, and scared to death. It makes them a lot of fun to be around.

I'm on target for the word count but I got to say, the story I thought I had seems to have evaporated as soon as I touched the keyboard. That's not unusual either but it is so frustrating. I had a good grasp of where I wanted to start and when I began to type it simply didn't sound the same. Still, one must just Keep Calm and Keep Typing. 

I'm tired tonight and I've had a rough afternoon for some reason. Well, actually... I know the reasons but it can't be helped and whining about it here won't serve any purpose. Outside of NaNo, I'm fairly isolated and it become very trying at times. I don't always like coming home to a vacant house. My world has shrunk to 1200 square feet and that gets very frightening at times. You begin to wonder exactly what's the point.

Today, I think I just want to go home. Really home. I want to see Mama and I want to see Jerry and I don't want to have to worry about anyone else's problems. I suppose everyone feels that way now and then. I've spent a lot of time lately asking God for a map. He has me on hold.

Moving on. I've been cleaning off my list of contacts in Facebook and G+. Amazing how you can accumulate people that don't actually give a flip about you. How does that happen? I'm sure they're very nice people but there is no relationship. So, poof. 

I have to admit that I'm rather tired of the social network scene. The publishers and agents are saying "You have to have a platform." Yes, a platform. You have to be on Twitter. You have to have a blog and be blogging. You have to have a brand. More social networking, not less. Eek, it is enough to make me  run screaming. I was overwhelmed by the conference. So much information and a lot of it discouraging to a writer who is not yet published. Over 1.5 million books published each year and the average published author sells 500 books. Say what? Yep. 

So, the question becomes "Why would I waste my time?"

Because writing is something I have to do. Published or not.


  1. Admittedly I know next to nothing about writing, beyond my own ability to write for myself and what enjoyment I get from the process, so I am not sure I can offer much advice on platforms and what not. For me I just tend to stick to the social platforms where I can get some use from them, Blogger for writing and Facebook for social interaction (most of my friends and family are there). Other platforms probably do have some advantages, and certainly would help in the realm of cross promotion at least, but I find I can't limit myself to 140 characters for Twitter, nor am I overly hung up enough with pictures to open a Pinterest account, I do not even cross promote on Google+, despite Blogger falling under the Google umbrella, I just find I do not have time for a Facebook V2.0. At some point I like to be able to get up and walk away and not feel like there is something I missed because I did not notify the people on the social platform of the month just what it is I have been up to.

  2. See, I'm kind of like that, too. Either you read the blog or you don't. Why I have to chase someone around saying, "Pick me! Pick me!" is nonsense to me. {sigh} Probably why I'll never be famous, not even care. LOL