Sunday, August 4, 2013

Expect the Unexpected... Especially Here

It started as a lovely Sunday morning. We went to church this morning. Sarah went with us. During her Sunday school class, she stepped on the hem of her sundress and ripped the shoulder straps right out of her dress! They duct taped her until class was over. We made a pit stop after church to Walgreen's and got safety pins. Anyone notice that the modern safety pin is basically junk? Really. Those things won't hold anything for long. I can remember real ones that a magnet would pick up and if you ever crushed the little head... that thing was never coming undone. The ones I used today were not as strong as paperclips. How does that happen? I mean, is it more important to hold that stack of paper together than it is to hold up a dress? Oh... sorry... in the current fashionless society, probably so.

I was going to church but about the time I told Sarah to get ready she got sick and vomited up her lunch. She was complaining of a headache and her stomach hurting but I didn't really connect it. Becca says she has acid reflux. She sent some medicine and I've given that to her.She's dying to eat now. She didn't really eat much lunch so it probably is a good thing.

I'm disappointed that we didn't go to church. Dave could go but he doesn't. I've given up on a lot of things. I have no cure for blindness. No it wasn't because Sarah is sick. He wasn't going anyway.

I have a pot roast in the kitchen and I'm going to have roast beef sandwich for supper. I prepared it for lunch but we went out instead as Sarah was with us. She doesn't like roast beef. As it turned out that whole idea was a wash. We'd have saved money just coming home.

Obviously the unexpected is the norm around here. Still roast beef sandwiches sound good. Then a hot shower and writing. I'm going to look for some good preaching online so I can at least get my soul fed.


  1. Alway's expect the unepected with this family

  2. My grand daughter got sick...was sick 5 days and they took her to the doctor and it was diagnosed as acid reflux....then she was still sick so 5 more days and to another doctor who said it was a bacteria infection and prescribed meds for it. I am hoping she is better now. I hope yours is better now and no more dress malfunctions.

  3. I wrote a very nice comment on my iPhone - which was lost. The creative genie has now disappeared! So - I'm sorry Sarah was ill today, and I hope she went home feeling a lot better. I do hope you found some good preaching - we sure had some tonight from a visiting missionary. I've got a couple of blog ideas from his one sermon!!

  4. Fond memories of little children, rips, barfs and all. Hope she feels better, Gran!